When it comes to securing your home or commercial property against the elements the first line of defence is your roof.  Your roof has the ability to keep out the cold, rain and snow all year round. But in order to ensure your roof is up to the job, there are things that can be done to make sure that the weather stays on the outside and does not manage to find its way inside. Serving Hamilton, South Lanarkshire and surrounding areas.

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  • All Roofing Solutions fixed two leaks on my roof.

    They provided an excellent quote and top class workmanship and also carried out some additional work which they spotted at no extra cost.

    March 2015

    Lesley Millar Allanshaw Street, Hamilton
  • David at All Roofing Solutions was the only roofer who took the time to talk me through the process of the work that needed doing and gave me one of the best quotes also. When they started the work they were timely and professional. Overall I am very pleased with the job they have done fitting a new roof on my property.  January 2015

    Mr S Baird Wellhall Road, Hamilton
  • Replaced roof tiles and re-bedded ridge tiles on main roof after storm damage.

    The work was done promptly and at  reasonable price, together with free advice given on other roof issues.

    December 2014

    Phil Whitehouse
  • David came to quote when he said he would. His quote seemed very reasonable compared to some that I had in the past so much so that I accepted straight away. Despite the inclement weather David turned up to do the work when he said he would. When he began there were some unexpected issues like bird's nest debris and woodworm in the same area. David showed the evidence and it was obvious that there was extra work to be done -woodwork treatment etc. We agreed a price for the additional work. All of the work was done in a professional manner. I would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend his work to anyone. 4th October 2016

    Alistair R
  • Tenement Roof Repair
    Quality: 5 Stars Speed: 5 Stars Candour: 5 Stars Communication: 5 Stars I cannot praise David and his team at All Roofing Solutions highly enough. I have never received such a comprehensive service in as fast and efficient an approach as David's. David came round on the day I called him and did an initial assessment; he then approached the work (as soon as weather would permit) with ingenuity and care. When an additional problem arose a few days later, David did not hesitate to get back on the case. He refused to be beaten when the source was nigh on impossible to find and he enlisted addition expertise and went ahead and repaired the roof there and then. David took photographs and a video each time he did his repairs: I would not hesitate to recommend All Roofing Solutions for any roofing work. I have had to enlist the services of roofers regularly over the past few years and I have never dealt with such an open and genuinely helpful company. Five Stars all round!
    24 Feb 2016
    Jill C